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Today’s WoodWorks Events

Live Mass Timber Construction Demo | Booth A1
See a mass timber structure going up in real time. Begins at conclusion of opening keynote, will continue throughout the day.
WoodWorks in Session
Details below | 10:30am & 1:15pm

Tuesday 3/28

Live Mass Timber Construction Demo

See a two-story mass timber structure going up in real-time and learn about our Mass Timber Construction Management Program. Booth A1.

Locust Grove Event Pavilion / de Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop / Structural Services / Photo de Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop
Optimizing Design and Keeping Costs in Check: Secrets from the Manufacturers

Track 4 | 10:30am | E Meeting Rooms: 145–146

Presenters: Heather Strong, WoodWorks, Michaela Harms, Sterling Structural; Andre Lema, Western Archrib; and Lee Scott, Element5.

Avoiding On-Site Delays & Disruption

Track 2 | 1:15pm | D Meeting Rooms: 135–136

Presenters: Brandon Brooks, WoodWorks, Brad Nile, Andersen Construction; Aaron Gould, VaproShield; Joe Geluch, Naikoon Contracting; and Robert Malczyk, Timber Engineering.

Insurance & Financing for Mass Timber Projects: Relationships & Knowledge are the Key

Track 4 | 1:15pm | E Meeting Rooms: 145–146

Presenters: Ricky McLain, WoodWorks, Brian Burg, MWR Gallagher; Mike Brady, JLL Capital Markets; Mark Gadaire, Chubb Group; Nate Helbach, The Neutral Project.

2023 Wood Design Award Winner: Maclac Building D / Marcy Wong Donn Logan Architects / Gregory P. Luth & Associates / Photo Billy Hustace

Meet Our Team

Booth #440 & A1

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Monday 3/27

Celebrating Excellence in Wood Design

WoodWorks will present the 2023 Wood Design Awards live at the Mass Timber Conference opening reception, starting at 5pm. Booth A1. Join us in celebrating innovative projects and the teams behind them.

Mississippi Workshop / Waechter Architecture / KPFF Consulting Engineers / Photo Lara Swimmer

Knowledge Download: Mass Timber Resources

Mass Timber Bootcamp: Becoming a Mass Timber Design Expert

Thank you to everyone who attended Monday’s Mass Timber Bootcamp: Becoming a Mass Timber Design Expert!

Featured Resources:

Resources for Designing with Mass Timber

Browse our robust library of wood design resources including solution papers, expert tips, and CAD/Revit Details:

Understand and properly account for biogenic/stored carbon in life cycle assessments (LCAs) and more:

See the current status of tall mass timber buildings in the building code and get resources for designing a tall wood project: 

Mapping Mass Timber

As of February 2023, in the US, 1,693 multi-family, commercial, or institutional projects have been constructed with, or are in design with, mass timber. See how WoodWorks tracks wood projects from design to completion.

The Soto exterior
The Soto / Lake|Flato Architects, BOKA Powell / photo Erika Brown Edwards