Mass Timber Construction Management Program

Mass Timber Construction Management Program

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The U.S. Mass Timber Construction Manual was developed to give contractors and installers a framework for the planning, procurement, and management of mass timber projects, and to provide a bridge from their experience with other systems. Mass timber is unique in that it draws installation techniques from other construction types, so people with concrete, precast, tilt-up, and structural steel experience can readily adapt to these materials. However, understanding how mass timber differs from other building systems is key to cost effectiveness.

The manual was produced with primary funding from the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Rural Communities, in collaboration with WoodWorks’ mass timber manufacturing partners in the U.S. and Canada. While intended primarily for GCs and installers, it is a useful reference for all members of a mass timber project team and anyone interested in the construction of mass timber buildings.

Support for Contractors and Installers

WoodWorks’ Mass Timber Construction Management Program includes two distinct elements:

WoodWorks is seeking other entities interested in developing university construction management and installer training programs. High priority areas for installer training include Atlanta, New York City, the Carolinas, Nashville, Dallas, Houston, Denver, and Northern California, and we are working to develop programs in these and other areas. For more information, contact , Construction Management Program Manager.

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Other Topics for General Contractors

Additional information on mass timber design topics and project examples can be found in the Mass Timber Design Manual developed in partnership with Think Wood, as well as our presentation archiveswood solution papers and case studies.