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Case Studies

Mass Timber Business Case Studies

Case studies are added regularly. (Last updated October 2022)

This document includes a series of case studies prepared by WoodWorks – Wood Products Council and Conrad Investment Management to address the performance of U.S. properties constructed with mass timber structural systems. The goal is to substantively communicate the business case of mass timber buildings in a relevant and relatable fashion across a series of product sub-types. To compile and analyze the data required for assessment, WoodWorks seeks developers/owners with completed mass timber projects that pass screening criteria for the property sub-type. Criteria are included in the methodology section of this report.

These case studies would not be possible without support from the developers/owners who share their data. WoodWorks is grateful to these firms/individuals for supporting our efforts to promote a deeper understanding of how mass timber might be a useful tool for investors, occupants and the community.

1 De Haro exterior
1 De Haro / Perkins&Will / photo David Wakely

Case Studies Include:

For-Rent Institutional Housing 

  • Ascent – Milwaukee, WI
  • INTRO Cleveland – Cleveland, OH
  • The Canyons – Portland, OR


  • Timber Lofts – Milwaukee, WI

For-Sale Housing

  • Barracuda Condos – Madison, WI

Purpose-Built/Owner-Occupied (Dorms)

  • Adohi Hall at the University of Arkansas – Fayetteville, AR

Institutional Offices

  • 1 De Haro – San Francisco, CA
  • Clay Creative – Portland, OR
  • District Office – Portland, OR
  • The ICE Blocks – Sacramento, CA

Mass Timber Business Case Studies

Created for the developer/investor audience, these case studies discuss qualitative influences and provide quantitative data to examine investment success, challenges and lessons learned.
1 De Haro exterior