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Mass Timber Installation Training Curriculum

These mass timber installation training modules are intended for use by contractors, subcontractor erectors, training centers, community colleges, and workforce development programs – to ensure that qualified workers are available to install mass timber projects across the country. 

Photo: Alex Schreyer

Modules include:

1. Introduction to Mass Timber

2. Connection Considerations

3. Beam and Column Connections

4. Panel Connections

5. Fasteners, Hardware and Equipment

6. Safety Considerations

7. Planning and Coordination

8. Material Protection

9. Installation

10. Repairs, Finishes and As-Builts

The modules may be delivered under the WoodWorks brand as is (or with non-substantive changes) or drawn from to create non-branded presentations with credit to WoodWorks for utilized content. Please note that, by providing your information and downloading the modules, you are agreeing to these terms, which are noted at the end of each module. 

The curriculum will be updated as needed to reflect ongoing innovation in the industry. Have a suggestion? We want to hear it! Email with your feedback. 

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