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District Flats / Studio Fusion Architects / photo Larry Harwell Photography

Dec 11, 2021 WoodWorks

Technical Education for Successful Wood Design

At WoodWorks, our core objective is to help developers and AEC teams realize successful wood projects. In addition to education and free project support, we develop technical content that fills gaps in available information, clarifies wood design-related issues, and offers insights into the design and construction of existing wood buildings. Below is a round-up of resources we’ve published this year, with quick links for download if you don’t already have them. 

2021 Resource Round-Up

Developers and Contractors

  • Developed in partnership with Think Wood, the Mass Timber Design Manual is a free collection of up-to-date resources on topics that range from mass timber products to design best practices.
  • Download the U.S. Mass Timber Floor Vibration Design Guide for a comprehensive, approachable guide synthesizing current design procedures and recommendations.
  • ThOur series of Mass Timber Business Case Studies is intended to substantively communicate the business case for mass timber buildings across a series of building product sub-types. The current package, released in October, includes two speculative office developments, a multi-family development, and a multi-family redevelopment/addition.
  • The inaugural U.S. Mass Timber Construction Manual is intended to give contractors and installers a framework for the planning, procurement, and management of these projects – and provide a bridge from their experience with other systems.
  • Since last year when it became evident that insurance companies are reluctant to provide insurance for mass timber buildings, WoodWorks has taken a lead role in addressing the issue. Insurance for Mass Timber Construction: Assessing Risk and Providing Answers is intended for developer/owners seeking insurance for mass timber buildings, design/construction teams looking to make their projects more insurable, and insurance professionals looking for information on safety and performance.

Architects and Engineers

The Catalyst builidng in Spokane’s University District. Spokane, Washington
Catalyst / MGA | Michael Green Architecture / photo Benjamin Benschneider

Catalyst, Spokane, WA / MGA | Michael Green Architecture / Benjamin Benschneider

Behind the Scenes on a Unique Project

  • The Catalyst Case Study highlights the Catalyst Building in Spokane, WA. The cross-laminated timber (CLT) building is the first of its kind in Washington State and a leading example of sustainable office design.

Design Trends: Tall Wood and Mixed-Use

Find an expert in your region, or contact us with questions on these resources, topics you’d like to see us cover in the future, or anything related to using mass timber or light wood-frame construction on your next project. We’re here to help.

C.D. Smith Construction

Ascent Breaks Mass Timber Records

Milwaukee’s Ascent will soon become the largest mass timber building in the world, with 19 stories of mass timber on top of a six-level podium. WoodWorks is proud to have provided technical support on this groundbreaking project.

As Tim Gokham of New Land Enterprises said, “It’s unprecedented. From an approvals standpoint, from a fire testing standpoint, from a design and engineering standpoint, there was so much innovation in this project.” Find the latest information and resources on tall mass timber here

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