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Mass Timber Business Case Studies

Get real information on real deals. Developed collaboratively with Conrad Investment Management and project developers, this WoodWorks case study series examines the financial performance of U.S. projects constructed with mass timber structural systems. Business case studies fill a gap in available information by discussing qualitative influences and providing quantitative data to examine investment success, challenges, and lessons learned on mass timber projects across various building product sub-types.

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Differentiate your Property with Mass Timber

Mass timber building systems offer many benefits that can increase the return on real estate investments, from cost and schedule savings to lower carbon impact and higher lease rates. The resources on this page are intended to help developers and owners make informed decisions about their projects with insights on mass timber in sustainable buildings, the financial feasibility of mass timber, and the latest market trends.

Construction Management

Mass timber project management and installer training offered by WoodWorks and in partnership with other entities.

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Tall Mass Timber

Visit our tall timber page for answers to commonly asked questions, design guidance, and other resources related to projects with seven or more stories of mass timber.

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Cost and value-added benefits.

Cost estimating mass timber systems requires a holistic approach to compare costs and yield savings. A direct comparison of the price of a mass timber structural frame to the price of a steel/concrete frame will not provide an accurate overall project cost comparison. Mass timber has the potential to shave time off construction schedules and has other benefits that can impact the overall construction costs.

Mass timber is a custom prefabricated structural system and the costs can be optimized by close coordination between designers and builders. WoodWorks’ Mass Timber Cost and Design Optimization Checklists guide coordination between designers and builders as they estimate and make cost-related decisions on mass timber projects. The pre-design section of the checklists has tips for developers/owners related to assembling a design/builder team and contracts, as well as a list of potential benefits of building with mass timber. Mass timber has intangible value-added benefits, such as a differentiated aesthetic and environmental advantages, that can appeal to prospective tenants/ buyers, real estate investors and society at large.

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Mapping Mass Timber

WoodWorks tracks mass timber projects in design, under construction and built across the U.S. as a resource for developers and design teams who want insights into market trends. Information is updated quarterly.

Other Resources for Developers and Owners

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