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Tall Mass Timber Mastery

Insights on Tall Mass Timber projects in the U.S.

In a short period of time, the number of tall mass timber projects in the U.S.—both built and in design—has grown rapidly. As a group that’s provided technical assistance on many of these projects, WoodWorks has seen a variety of reasons for the increase in interest and use. Cost, aesthetics, framing configurations, code paths, and sustainability are all factors that influence how and when mass timber is used. This video shares the experiences of three mass timber project teams and points to the future of how tall mass timber can help solve housing needs.


  • Andy Ball, oWOW – Developer of 1510 Webster in Oakland, CA 
  • Susan Jones, FAIA, atelierjones LLC – Architect of Heartwood in Seattle, WA 
  • Andrew Katz, Katz Development – Developer of Return to Form in Denver, CO
1510 Webster / oWow / DCI Engineers / Photo Flor Projects

1510 Webster on WIN:

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Heartwood on WIN:

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Return to Form on WIN:

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Ascent on WIN:

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