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Mass Timber in Labs and Life Sciences Buildings

Exploring Untapped Potential for Timber’s Use in High-Tech Life Sciences Projects

Labs and life sciences buildings are among the few building types that have yet to see significant adoption of mass timber. Is this due to the presence of equipment sensitive to floor vibrations? A function of the large spans needed? Misperceptions about mass timber’s ability to meet these needs? The answer is “all of the above.” In this video, we interviewed technical experts with experience using mass timber in lab environments to set the record straight on how to implement it best—and hear their views on why mass timber is a good choice for labs and life sciences buildings.


  • Jacob Werner, Ellenzweig
  • Peter Harmon, Ellenzweig 
  • Michael Gryniuk, CORA Structural 
  • Jeremy Lebowitz, Jensen Hughes 
  • Kevin Marshall, IDS

Michigan State University STEM Teaching and Learning Facility on WIN:

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