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Mass timber installation
Alex Schreyer

Jan 23, 2023 WoodWorks

Get your team trained in the proper and safe construction of mass timber buildings. New Mass Timber Installer Training Modules from WoodWorks are available for free download.

Do you have access to enough qualified workers to successfully construct a mass timber building? Do you want to train workers—or be trained yourself? We’re excited to introduce a set of 10 open-source mass timber installer training modules, designed to expand the ability of design and construction teams to pursue mass timber projects and of U.S. workers to develop the skills they need to construct these buildings. Covering the gamut of mass timber installation, the modules are intended for use by contractors, subcontractor erectors, training centers, community colleges, and workforce development programs. 

The modules are available in adaptable PowerPoint format for anyone to use, free of charge. Modules include: 

1. Introduction to Mass Timber 

2. Connection Considerations 

3. Beam and Column Connections 

4. Panel Connections 

5. Fasteners, Hardware and Equipment 

6. Safety Considerations 

7. Planning and Coordination 

8. Material Protection 

9. Installation 

10. Repairs, Finishes and As-Builts 

The curriculum will be updated as needed to reflect ongoing innovation in the industry and user feedback. 

Bridging the Mass Timber Knowledge Gap 

We started our Mass Timber Construction Management Program in 2019 when we realized a critical gap in knowledge and skills among contractors and developers was keeping mass timber from being utilized on otherwise viable projects. Our CEO, Jennifer Cover, has elaborated on the impacts, saying, “Developers and building designers were eager to use mass timber for its carbon, biophilia, and other benefits, but most contractors were unfamiliar with the materials. As a result, budgets and estimates were skewed high to cover the unknowns, and many projects didn’t go forward.”  

Since forming the Mass Timber Construction Management Program three years ago, we’ve launched educational and technical content tailored to the needs of project managers, estimators, field team leaders, and installers to help ensure competitive pricing and grow the pool of trained workers.   

In addition to this curriculum, WoodWorks has partnered with more than a dozen training centers to develop mass timber installer training programs, and three universities, which provide hands-on mass timber experience and education to the next generation of construction project managers. Learn more about the Mass Timber Construction Management Program

WoodWorks continues to seek other entities interested in developing installer training programs, including training centers, technical community colleges, workforce development programs, and general contractors. For more information, contact Brandon Brooks, Construction Management Program Manager.