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Quasi-Static Out-of-Plane Testing of CLT and NLT Panels


The University of Maine (UMaine) in conjunction with WoodWorks and Karagozian & Case, Inc. (K&C)
performed a testing program aimed at investigating the bending response of cross-laminated timber (CLT) and nail-laminated timber (NLT) panels in their major strength direction under a uniformly-applied quasi-static load.

The apparatus utilized for the testing was developed by UMaine and consisted of a series of rubber bladders filled with water capable of applying a uniform quasi-static pressure in a controlled fashion. Applied pressure, out-of-plane deflection, and total resisted load were measured and recorded as panels were displaced well beyond the deflection associated with peak panel strength.

While most of the panels were tested with end conditions that did not restrain panel rotation, six were tested with connections meant to represent those that might be used to attach a wall to a floor and ceiling in a building designed to resist significant out-of-plane wall loading.