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Current EPDs for Wood Products

List of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) available for wood products as of April 2024

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), sometimes referred to as Type III environmental declarations, report environmental impacts from cradle to gate1 for many construction products, including wood products. They are based on detailed Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) reports and governed by Product Category Rules (PCRs) specific to each product type.

The wood industry was the first to develop transparent, third-party-verified EPDs in partnership with Underwriters Laboratories and in conformance with international standards (ISO 14025, 14040, 14044, and 21930).

North American Wood EPDs

The American Wood Council (AWC) and Canadian Wood Council (CWC) have issued EPDs for the following North American wood products:

  • North American softwood lumber
  • North American softwood plywood
  • North American oriented strand board (OSB)
  • North American glued-laminated timber (glulam)
  • North American laminated veneer lumber (LVL)
  • North American laminated strand lumber (LSL)
  • North American wood I-joists

Additionally, AWC has issued an EPD for:

  • Redwood lumber

These structural wood product EPDs, as well as transparency summaries, can be downloaded from AWC’s website. A list of North American, U.S., Canadian and regionally-specific LCAs that provide the basis for many of these industry-average EPDs are available from the Consortium for Research on Renewable Industrial Materials (CORRIM) and Athena Sustainable Materials Institute (ASMI).

Product-Specific EPDs

The industry average EPDs listed above represent most light-frame wood products available in the U.S. today. In addition, the following EPDs are currently available from WoodWorks manufacturer and supplier partners:

Mass Timber Products:

Light-Frame Wood Products:

Other Products:

EPDs may also be available for other mass timber and engineered wood products. Reach out to your manufacturer if you are looking for an EPD not listed on this page.

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1 The production stage of a life cycle, which includes raw material extraction or harvest, transportation of those raw materials to the factory or mill, and manufacturing of the product itself, is often referred to as “cradle-to-gate.” Read more about the life cycle stages here.