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Building Trends: Mass Timber

Quarterly Update: Mass Timber Buildings in the U.S.

Mass timber is gaining acceptance across the U.S. As of January 2020, 714 multi-family, commercial, or institutional projects had been constructed or were in design in all 50 states. This total includes modern mass timber and post-and-beam structures built since 2013.

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WoodWorks has been supporting this evolution from the outset. In 2015, we provided technical assistance on a handful of projects where the architect, engineer or developer had an interest in using mass or heavy timber. Our support grew to 158 projects in 2017, 219 projects in 2018, and 266 last year. WoodWorks is also a leading provider of mass timber education, as co-host of the International Mass Timber Conference, and through  Wood Design Symposiums, workshops, webinars, lunch and learns, and more.

We can help make your mass timber project a reality!

Do you need …

  • A mass timber specialist? We have a database of successful projects. Let us connect you with experienced professionals.
  • Successful details? Ask our or contact your local Regional Director.
  • Materials? Our National Partners include mass timber manufacturers, and more plants are coming online this year. We can introduce you to potential suppliers.
  • Installation expertise—or experts? Stay tuned! We’re launching a training program for mass timber installers that will also include a directory of experienced professionals across the U.S.

Mass timber now comes in many forms. Products such as cross-laminated timber (CLT), nail-laminated timber (NLT), heavy timber decking (3x or 4x boards), and traditional post-and-beam framing are well established, while newer products such as dowel-laminated timber (DLT) and mass plywood panels (MPP) are already gaining traction.

Designing a Wood Building?  Ask us anything.


*Although WoodWorks helps on many projects, not all become a reality. This graphic includes ‘In Design’ projects to illustrate the momentum we’re seeing related to mass timber in the market.