About WoodWorks

WoodWorks Innovation Network

Introducing WIN, a new tool from WoodWorks …

The WoodWorks Innovation Network (WIN) is an online community that:

  • Connects developers with design and construction teams
  • Encourages collaboration
  • Provides networking and business-building opportunities

Created by WoodWorks to help expand our ability to provide credible resources, WIN creates a network of experts and experienced peers in multiple disciplines. WIN currently focuses on building structures that are mass timber and will soon expand to include modular, innovative light-frame projects, and more.

WIN members are architects, engineers and construction professionals that collaboratively populate project information. They have designed, engineered and built successful projects and they’ve joined WIN to be part of an online community that serves as a resource for developers across the U.S. The WIN website features:

  • Project listings through an interactive map and search directory
  • A searchable directory of experienced professionals with expertise in wood building design and construction
  • A members-only forum for information sharing

AEC professionals who participate in WIN also have ample opportunity to increase their expertise (and build their profiles) through relevant WoodWorks education, including:

  • Mass Timber Construction Management Training
  • Mass Timber Installer Training
    • Training is currently being offered collaboratively with the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters (CRCC) Apprentice & Training Program, the Northwest Carpenters Institute of Washington, and a major general contractor (in-house).
    • See the list of trained installers (as of October 25, 2019)

Connect, collaborate and cultivate with WIN.