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For mass timber research, the Think Wood website includes an evolving, searchable library of mass timber research, from stress test results and material comparisons to product advancements and the latest innovations.

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Wood as a Restorative Material in Healthcare Environments

Building on earlier research, a new study by FPInnovations draws the link between visual wood in buildings and pro-health outcomes such as reduced stress reactivity.

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Timber Tower Research Project

Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM) released Timber Tower Research Project to establish the structural viability of a 42-story-tall prototypical mass timber framed building. The structural solution is benchmarked against the existing concrete-framed DeWitt Chestnut Apartments in Chicago-a revolutionary structural solution when it was designed by SOM in 1965. The new prototype is a hybrid system that uses the most efficient structural combination of mass timber, concrete and steel to reduce the carbon footprint of the resulting design by between 60 and 75 percent when compared to the concrete benchmark.

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Survey of International Tall Wood Buildings

Over the past several years, a number of tall wood projects have been completed around the world, demonstrating successful applications of new wood and mass timber technologies. This summary report looks at ten international tall wood buildings, and presents common lessons learned from the experiences of various stakeholders, including the developer/owner, design team, Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), and construction team for each project.

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Mass Timber High-Rise Design Research

This study demonstrates a design of a code-compliant, high-rise mass timber apartment tower in Los Angeles. Using the existing reinforced concrete Museum Tower Apartment building in downtown Los Angeles as a basis, the study demonstrates architectural, structural and fire performance improvements and tradeoffs of the mass timber design compared to the reinforced concrete design.

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Wood and Human Health – 2012

A study at the University of British Columbia and FPInnovations has established a link between wood and human health in office environments. In the study the presence of visual wood surfaces in a room lowered sympathetic nervous system (SNS) activation.

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The Case for Tall Wood Buildings

This feasibility study from the Canadian Wood Council illustrates how massive timber products and systems can provide viable and sustainable alternatives for the construction of 10 to 30-story buildings.

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