RISA Training

These interactive, fast-paced modules cover RISA-3D and RISAFloor modeling basics with an emphasis on wood design, as well as more advanced topics like interaction between RISAFloor and RISA-3D.

In-depth Training from the Experts

Learn how to design a complete structure in timber using the RISA building system software and current building codes. Member design per the National Design Specification® (NDS®) for Wood Construction will be demonstrated for a variety of wood materials including standard dimensional lumber, glulam, parallams, LVLs and I-Joists.

Topics covered include:

  • Loading for different load types
  • Boundary conditions and end releases
  • Graphic editing features
  • Spreadsheet operations
  • Results review and display
  • Rigid and flexible diaphragm analysis and design

  • Sloped roof modeling
  • Advanced shear wall design
  • Hold-down and strap analysis and design
  • Wind and seismic load generation
  • Multi-material modeling
  • Gravity system design in RISAFloor
  • Lateral system design in RISA-3D

  • Any Windows-compatible computer with a Pentium 3 or better processor
  • Windows 2000XP Vista
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 200 MB of hard disk space
  • Two or three button mouse
  • A 7-day temporary license file
  • Example problems for the course

Suggested preparation

To prepare for the course, we suggest that you review the following online tutorials. Please click the links below and complete the tutorials:

Training manual and modules