Design with Wood

Product Information

  • APA – Offers a wide range of technical publications on glulam, I-joists, LVL, OSB, plywood, rim board, siding and specialty products, as well as APA Product Reports®, which help building officials and design professionals determine a product’s conformance with codes and standards.
  • Canadian Wood Council – Features information on lumber, plywood, OSB, trusses, treated wood, glulam, engineered wood products and connections.
  • Southeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association – Offers the Hardwood Handbook, which provides information on the uses and physical properties of hardwood species found in the southeastern US.
  • Southern Pine Council – Features information on southern pine and southern pine products, including design values, moisture content, grades and standards, and specifications, as well as producers, dealers and distributors.
  • Western Wood Products Association – In addition to technical information and design specifications for western lumber products, the site features more than 100 product profiles for paneling, siding, flooring and other products, including actual dimensions. Also includes information on special dimension products such as Machine Stress-Rated (MSR) and finger-jointed lumber.