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Panelized Roof Design

Warehouse and retail development trends have been toward larger and taller buildings with more clear-space and more clear-height. These trends are placing more lateral force demands on the wood roof diaphragms to span farther with higher shear stresses and greater horizontal deflections. These design examples illustrates a large concrete tilt-up building in a seismically active area producing large diaphragm and wall anchorage forces. Special high-load diaphragm designs are used in conjunction with a hybrid style of the panelized roof structure.

Podium Slab Design

Case Study CEUs

  • A Natural Choice – How wood contributes to sustainability’s triple bottom line. Sponsored by WoodWorks, Canadian Wood Council and Forestry Innovation Investment.
  • Wood Rates – How wood products stack up in green building systems. Sponsored by WoodWorks and Forestry Innovation Investment.
  • Materials in Action – Wood, concrete and steel have an environmental impact on building construction, operation and end of life. Sponsored by WoodWorks and Forestry Innovation Investment.
  • Materials Matter – Measuring the environmental footprint of wood, concrete and steel is a big factor in designing sustainable buildings. Sponsored by Forestry Innovation Investment.
  • Wood Scores an A+ in School Construction – Natural Building Material Takes Top Honors for Cost, Aesthetics and Performance. Sponsored by WoodWorks and reThink Wood.
  • Multi-Story Wood Construction – A cost effective and sustainable solution for today’s changing housing market. Sponsored by WoodWorks and reThink Wood.
  • Evolving Building Codes and the Wood Revolution – Pushing the boundaries of innovative wood design and construction. Sponsored by reThink Wood.
  • Rethinking Wood as a Material of Choice – Costs less, delivers more.
  • Tall Wood Takes a Stand – Tall wood buildings proven safe and cost effective.
  • Calculating Carbon Footprint – The life cycle benefits of wood buildings. Sponsored by reThink Wood.
  • Fire Protection in Wood Buildings – Expanding the Possibilities of Wood Design. Sponsored by reThink Wood, the American Wood Council and WoodWorks.
  • Wood and Environmental Product Declarations – A concise, standardized, independently verified report on environmental performance.  Sponsored by reThink Wood, the American Wood Council and Canadian Wood Council.


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